Protesters say Pennsylvania park deer hunters are evil


Mar 11, 2001
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Protesters call deer hunters evil Taliban

DAVE SOMMERS, Trentonian

December 04, 2001

NEWTOWN, Pa. -- Calling local deer hunters evil Taliban that prey on county wildlife, nearly two dozen protesters braved the chilly air in front of Tyler State Park last night to protest today's controlled hunt which could wipe out up to half the park's deer population.
Organized by noted anti-hunt activist Sydell Gross, of Northampton, the protesters included members from animal rights groups such as Friends of Fairmount Park Animals andPity Not Cruelty (PNC).

Many plan to show up today at 5:30 a.m. again to protest the 125 or so hunters expected to participate in this year's culling of the herd at the 1,000-acre park.

"There are only a few of us and many barbarian (hunters) out there," said Linda Michael, of Ivyland, who walks through the park each day to relate to the deer.

"The game commission is the Taliban of wildlife. They are truly evil," she added.

Priscilla Cohn, of PNC, told the protesters of a new hormone that, when shot into the female deer, stops the male sperm from penetrating a doe's womb.

Cohn refuted claims by the game commission that mankind needs to cull the deer for the herd's own health.

"Deer always control their own herd by adjusting their size to the natural food supply," she said while fellow protesters sang "We Shall Overcome" and other protest songs in the background.

Michael, who in the past has nursed wounded deer back to health,said deer and not people are the only ones who have a right to be in the park.

"I've seen deer families, mothers and fawns, blown apart by this senseless slaughter," she said. "We will never really have peace as a society until we stop mistreating animals this way."

Each year the Pennsylvania Game Commission allows the specially selected hunters to kill several hundred deer in Tyler State Park, enough, the commission says, to keep the population from spilling over into neighborhoods.

"It's essential we stand witness to this wanton blood sport that goes on year after year," said Shug Davis, who heads Friends of Fairmount Park Animals.

The group plans to also protest the upcoming hunt scheduled in the Princeton Township, N.J. area.


Aug 16, 2001
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 Just had a thought after reading all this Anti hunter stuff.

 When ever possible hunters everywhere should identify and fallow these anti hunter,Peta members and the like for one very good reason.

  The reason: get them on film going into Mc Donalds and eating a big mac,if we strive to catch them violating the very things they protest and have those pictures published in the paper and on the web,Just think of the embarassment it would cause them for people to know that they are Hypocrites!!
 Wouldnt that be funny?To catch the presidents of these organizations eating MEAT from Slaughtered animals killed in such a cruel manner,or protesters of animal cruelty eating MEAT from Dead animals.
 What a hoot that would be,now if i could just run into a few protesters i would do that just for fun.

Brian S

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May 17, 2001
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Or follow them to the hardware store to buy barb wire to keep those wonderful deer out of their gardens or crops. Better yet follow the ambulance on the way to the hospital after the wonderful deer jumps in front of their BMW. The park can only hold so many whitetail once the food is gone they will look elsewhere. That crap about darting the does with contraceptives. How do you now if you have already darted that doe unless you dart them to sleep tag them and then give them the contraceptive.  WHat about the bucks, if the contraceptive bocks the estrous cycle there will be a bunch of blue balled bucks running a muck tearing up the town it will be anarchy.


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