Prowling cougar shot near British Columbia daycare center


Mar 11, 2001
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Prowling cougar shot in Sooke
Times Colonist (Victoria)

July 17, 2002

A male cougar prowling near a Sooke day-care centre was shot and killed Tuesday by conservation officers.

They had been trying to find a cougar shot recently by a Sooke resident with a .22-calibre rifle and will examine this animal to see if it is the injured one, said RCMP Cpl. Ray Champagne.

Police believe the cougar shot Tuesday had been killing cats and dogs in Sooke in the past few weeks.

The animal was seen near a day-care centre on Belvista Place at 11 a.m. Tuesday. It was seen a few minutes later on Phillips Road near the Sooke Region Museum.

Wildlife officers and tracking dogs arrived in the area about 11:45 a.m. and found the cougar up in a tree.

They shot the big cat with a tranquillizing dart but it came out of the tree and attacked and injured one of the tracking dogs.

"It kept running, and another tracking dog went after it," said Champagne.

When the cougar ran behind townhouses near Drennan Street, the conservation officers decided the situation was too dangerous, said Champagne.

"They decided to kill it."

The cougar appeared to be about 18 months old. It had not been hunting on its own very long, said the RCMP officer.

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