Puerto Morelos Report - El Cid Caribe, Cancun-Cozumel

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Jul 20, 2006
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Say, I got a good look at one of those barracuda they catch at Puerto Morels, and let me tell you, they are big and they are mean looking critters.  Nothing at all like the west coast barracuda.  I should have the photos next week, reflecting the 50-60-plus pounder that was taken by Mario's brother, Hugo Anzoategu, Fremont, CA, fishing just a half mile outside the Marina, trolling a ballyhoo.  Overall, the boats fished a total of 14 days and reflected catches of 5 barracuda, 13 red snappers, 1 jack cravelle and 10 King Sierra, (these fish are like a giant sierra that weigh in at 15-plus lbs.).


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