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Puerto Vallarta


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Looks as though I will be in Puerto Vallarta for a few days at the end of June.

I am hoping to get a day away from family stuff tyo get in some fishing.

How is the fishing there?

How is the pricing?

What is the prefered methoed i.e. pangas, sixpacks, partyboats?

I prefer tuna, dorado, and such.

I would appreciate any leads or tips.

Thanks in advance.


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I've been twice and had a great time both times. The first time we got a Panga, but it was just for fishing in the Bay of Bandaras and we caught a bunch, but they were small. I got to negotiate the price down and it was just my wife and I, but there was little chance of hooking into a monster.

The 2nd time, I did a bunch of research and found someone that worked out great for us. Decent price, awesome crew and sweet boat, The Carolina. We shared it with another couple and went out 32 miles from PV. My wife hooked into a nice Sailfish about 7' long. We got it mounted and it's on the wall in Truckee right now. She named it, Lo Siento because before we could decide if we were going to catch and release, they smacked it in the head w/ a aluminum t-ball bat. I'm trying to upload a picture of it, but not sure if it's going to work or not. One of the others on the boat caught a Needle fish that was about 5' long also. We hooked into one other fish, but it snapped the line before we could land it. They have the ability to catch Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail, Rooster fish and tons of other kinds of fish.

Their Web site sucks, but the owner is a female Canadian and really cool. Here's the link:


Good luck. -YB


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Thanks a lot.
I'll look into it.

I have my wife's ok.
I just hope my brother in law gets a hall pass also.

How many people do you think would fit comfortably on that boat?

I will be in a group of 12.
8 females. All related.
That is way too many related vaginas for any man to deal w/.
My bro-in-law, my son, and I will need to escape from all that estrogen for a day, at least.
Somewhere they are unable to get to us.
Heck, maybe just take the boat out past the breakwater and drink beer until it's time to go back.
There is one other boy, but he is too young to know any better.

BTW, that is a great Sailfish.
No need for photshop on that one.


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You're welcome. There were 4 adult passengers and 2 crew and we had plenty of room. The owner is really cool, I'd shoot her an email or call her if I were you to see what she thinks about capacity. They have other sizes of boats available also. They will also take you out the some of the islands if you'd like to snorkel part of the time. They were great and, of course, had some nice cold ones for us.

I've been to PV 4 times. The last trip had my entire family and my wife's......we didn't have an opportunity to sneak away and go fishing that trip, but God, I wanted to get away. Love family, but sometimes it can be a bit much to deal with on a vacation.

Have fun and good luck.

P.S. I'm so proud of my wife and that fish. She landed it in 15 minutes after waking up from a dead sleep just as we hit the deep blue water. It was great to see her catch it. They did a great job mounting it and shipping it to me for a great price also.


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Thanks again guys!!!!

Looks like some fishing opportunities are there.
I really miss fishing for Tuna, dorado and the like.
My wife knows a chance like this doesn't come often.
Hopefully the others will also understand.


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I just returned Monday.
We had a great trip.

I contacted Carolina via email and she promptly replied. She seemes like a nice woman.

I was actually in Nuevo Vallarta, so we took a charter that was closer to where we stayed.
We had good numbers on little dorado and some Jack Crevalle.
We had 3 kids (8,10, and 12) fishing w/us so it was better that we didn't get into anything huge.
2 of my nieces hadn't fished the ocean before this trip.
I was happy w/the crew and boat.

We had some good sashimi that night.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Next time I go for big fish.


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That area is great for fishing and the bars arent bad either. The crazy thing is you won't be able to donate blood for a year now because of the Malaria outbreaks. I was turned away because I had caught a bus there to go to Guadalajara to see go to a friends ranch for the weekend. I went to donate blood a few months later and they told me to come back in a few months due to Nuevo Vallartas malaria problem. Wish someone would have given me a heads up before I got in the area...

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