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Jul 20, 2006
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Tough fishing for us today.  Managed to scrape a few Yellowtail off of various sargasso's.  No Albacore for us today and only a handful for the vessels in the area.  The weather blew up last night making looking a bit harder.  Pleasant to be on this big ole sled when the weather is rough.... She just rides better than your grannies GTO.Well for you that have been following the web report the last few days, the big question that I have is should I get off at the bait recievers or risk going home.  Call the Q105 office with your opinion on Thursday, the Q girls will busy checking the boat out tomorrow. In retrospect we can all learn from the Barnett 5 charter.  They fished hard, had alot of fun even though the fishing was tough and enjoyed what mother nature had to offer.  They are a great group of guys. PS  I don't think the Albacore are adios, just down again.  I hope they will be back.


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