question on scopes, scope bridges and scope tubes ?


Jul 1, 2015
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The scope rings for the my Pellet rifles are for 25mm tubes, a bitch to get cheap.
The question is why couldn’t I get 1” scope rings?
Then the next question, are the scope bridges (where the scope rings attach to the rifle) all the same or are pellet rifle bridges different from like my Browning?

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Jan 9, 2012
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I am not sure about the first question, but I do not see why you couldn't. For the second question, I just ran into this problem with my .22 I had a scope and rings that I took off one of my other guns and the bridge for my .22 was a lot smaller and the other scope rings would not fit on my .22. So they do not make all of them the same size. Not sure in your situation would be that hard to measure the width though.


Apr 16, 2017
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a little late to the game as u might have this sorted out already however I'll throw in my two cents lol

your scope tube diameter will determine what size rings u will need to mount it on your air rifle
the two most common sizes are 30 mm and 1 in
if u have a 1 in diameter tube scope u will need 1 in scope rings
if 30 mm u will need 30 mm rings
this information is usually printed on the scope box to help u determine the proper ring size for your scope

As to the ring mounts most spring powered air rifles use 11mm /3/8 in dovetail mounts also recognized as rimfire rings
due to the fact that most rimfire rifles use the same size ring mounts as the springer do

for example if u have a 1 in scope tube and your mounting that on say an rws model 34 spring powered air rifle
you would need 1 in 3/8 dovetail scope rings for that in whatever height u choose depending on the diameter of your
scopes objective lens

3x9x40 scopes would do well with medium height rings

6.5x20x50 mm scopes would require high height rings. And so on

if u are still trying to figure this out feel free to hit me up and I'll help in any way I can
or post up which scope and rifle u are working with and I'm sure we could steer u in the right direction



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Oct 13, 2014
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If they have a DNZ GameReaper 1-piece mount that will fit your AirRifle, I'd do that. Had a bear of a time when I first got my .223 Rem Bolt-Gun... turns out I'd stripped one of the Allen bolts slightly so it allowed a tiny bit of movement when firing. After getting the DNZ GameReaper mount on... was able to hit a drink bottle at 200yds with my 2nd-down BDC mark no problemo.

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