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Sep 20, 2014
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Aloha! I'm new to Hawaii and new to this forum. I live on Oahu and got here in Dec. of last year. I love bow hunting and I am already missing whitetail hunting. I'm very interested in hunting on the island and from what I've read on multiple threads it seems that Lanai is the place to go. The ram hunting interests me but I would love to take an Axis deer with my bow. However, if I'm reading correctly the archery Axis deer season is in Feb and only about 8 days long. The worst part is I guess the deadline for registering was Dec of last year. Is all of this true? I'd also like to get into some pig or goat hunting here on Oahu soon. I'm still recovering from foot surgery but should be ready to go soon. If anyone has good info on where and when to hunt I would appreciate it. I better be ready by November because I'm heading to Illinois then for a couple of weeks to do some whitetail hunting. Thank for any info you can give and good hunting.

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Jul 4, 2006
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That's not correct. Deadline for applying for 2015 axis hunts is in early December 2014. So for the upcoming February season you should apply this November. Also, you can hunt year-round on the private side. If you don't already have your HI hunt license, you will either need to take their hunter safety course or submit a "Letter of Exemption" and that requires a hunter safety CERTIFICATE from another state. CERTIFICATE, not License.

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