Raccoon burglars pillaging homes around Fort Myers FL


Mar 11, 2001
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Raccoon burglars pillaging homes around Fort Myers

The Associated Press.

Posted December 27 2001

FORT MYERS · Southwest Florida residents say raccoons, likely displaced by construction, have been breaking into their homes and helping themselves to bread and beer.

The little masked bandits got into at least four residences in a Fort Myers neighborhood last week.

At Marianne Kinzer's house, the critters trashed the kitchen, helped themselves to two loaves of bread and tipped over two bottles of beer, breaking the glass.

"I'd like to teach them to do laundry," Kinzer quipped.

Residents think the raccoons used to live on a 56-acre fallow farm recently cleared for a 98-lot subdivision.

"Ever since then these animals have nowhere to go, of course, and they're coming into our homes," Kinzer said.

"People, if they have problems with that kind of stuff, they have to call trappers," said Loretta Weigand, chief animal control officer for Lee County Animal Services.

The residents are considering hiring a trapper at a cost of as much as $3,000, said Bob Scibbe, if his calculations of 30 to 40 raccoons are correct. In the meantime, homeowners are taking more precautions.

The Kinzers don't leave their windows open at night anymore -- even to catch a cool evening breeze.

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