Racial Privacy Measure Heading for California Ballot


Jun 10, 2002
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Racial Privacy Measure Heading for California Ballot

(CNSNews.com) - California's Secretary of State has certified a racial privacy ballot initiative that would stop the state from classifying and tracking individuals by race, ethnicity, color or national origin. Specifically, it would remove racial "check-off boxes" in state and local government forms by 2005. Exceptions would be made for medical research, law enforcement, and employment and housing forms. The Racial Privacy Initiative is expected to appear on the next statewide ballot, which would be the March 2004 primary election. State officials verified on Monday that the initiative has more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Supporters, including Ward Connerly, the head of the American Civil Rights Coalition, call the proposed constitutional amendment the start of a national revolution. "We will give our society a chance to move forward, beyond restrictive and arbitrary racial boxes," Connerly said in a statement. He and other supporters note the government doesn't offer check-boxes for people's religious or sexual preferences, and they say race should be afforded the same privacy protection.

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