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Jan 23, 2002
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3 years ago I got my hands on a BLM topo map.  It showed that the north end of Railroad Canyon was BLM land.  I called the BlM district office to see if it was OK to hunt ducks on the lake.  They said it was alright as long as I was on BLM land.  So I parked on the south west side of the lake next to the gated community and preceded to hike back 5 miles along the north west shore.  I was carrying my pack and 25 decoys and 20 guage shotgun.  My vizla was also accompanying me {no better dog}.  As we were hiking we saw lots of goose and ducks.  I set out my decoys about 9:00 am and did not see a single duck until 3:30 pm.  Then all hell broke loose for about 45 minutes.  Ended up with 2 drake mallards.  Almost lost my vizla to coyotes on the hike back in the dark.

What a wonderful day!!!

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