Ram 1500 VS Ford F150

Mel Carter

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Well, i'm finally going to break down and get me a new truck. I'm kind of torn between the F150 and the Ram. I like the looks of both, Ram has a tougher look to it but also I like the V6 with Ecoboost in the Ford. The Ram has a much better power train warranty then the ford.

Anyone have any experiences good or bad?


Common Sense

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Bought a megacab 1500 in 2007, very pleased so far(AC went out twice, otherwise it has been great). Have close to 100,000 miles on it. Probably would have been just as happy with a Ford.


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if your going TO DO MUCH 4WD ING then get the or towing get the ram if not go with the f150 sorry accidently hit cap lock


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I've drove Fords, Chevys, and Dodges off-road for well over 30 years. My department provided them to us so I got the experience without putting out any of my own money.....oh happy days! These trucks were used off-highway a lot. They all received top notch maintenance (generally listed in the owners manual maintenance section as "severe conditions").

My 2 cents.....the Dodges were generally under powered but you just couldn't break 'em (my brother-in-law would disagree....he just traded in his Dodge truck for a Ford....the computer kept shutting down the turbo....even Dodge couldn't figure it out). I had a lot of trouble (transmission, frame, things rattling loose, etc.) with Chevy/GMCs....I kept cracking the frames near the shock absorber mounting bracket. A Chevy dealer asked me if I had driven the 4x4 pick up off-road. My answer was, "Yeah, about 50% of the time I'm off-road." He told me that the truck was not "designed" for off-road use and that the shock absorbers (heavy duty Monroe shocks) were cracking the frame. I asked, "What use is a 4x4 if not for off-road driving?" He said the 4x4 feature was for driving on paved roads in "inclement weather". Hmmm... really........a 4x4 not "designed" for off-road use. Fords had all the power I needed (including towing a horse trailer) but generally sucked for fuel economy. Mechanically, a Ford's weak spot is its transmission.

Having said all that, I drive a Ford 4x4. I don't drive off-road as much as I used to but I hunt a lot of private ranches. Dirt, dust, mud, snow, "inclement weather"....I've got no complaints after almost 150,000 miles.

Mel Carter

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I will be doing some off roading but nothing major, may get a travel trailer down the road but either will pull it. I guess I'm just gonna see where I can get the best deal, but I think I'll start with the Ram dealer first.



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I never really have taken a liking to Dodge. But maybe because I work for a ford dealer and I see them all the time but I have watched ford grow over the last 10 years with all there changes they have made to perfect the product and just when you think it can't get any better it does.

Mel Carter

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They both have their pluses, ram just had a better look for me. But, we will see who makes the best deal.


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06 Ram 1500, HEMI, 4x4. Bought it new. The one in my Avatar. Two problems, one was my RPM Tac went out in 2010. The other which is a periodic nuiscance for me is the Big Horn edition came with 20" rims. The front disc brakes can't handle them for whatever reason. After a few discussions on Ram forums it seems like a common problem on 06 - 09 Big Horn Rams and dodge will not fix it (recall). So I have to change out a disc (right front most common 3x's now, Left one once) every so often. Hunting, Fishing, Camping mutliple snow trips to the mounstains never needing chains with 4x4 on. The Goodyear tires they came with didn't handle the wet road well. I would slide a lot when ever I got on the gas in the rain or snow. I even did donuts on dry pavement with them (sorry, I'm originally from Oakland). I've been putting Yokohama Geolanders since 09' and all that sliding stopped. 147K on it now and still driving strong. I've had a 89' K5, 01' Z71 tahoe, but the best for 4wheeling was an 03' TRD Tacoma I had but at 6'2" I barely fit. The ram handles the rough road pretty decent but on steep trails it feels real heavy but manages to pull through and stick to the road with a fairly comfortable ride. Other than the front disc brake issue I'm very happy with the truck. Been thinking of trading it in for the Outdoosrman model.

Mel Carter

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Then I'll stay away from the big horn an go with the outdoorsman. I have a 2001 Tahoe with some decent tire and man that thing has done great, no issues up steep hills or deep mud.


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Have close to 100,000 miles on it.
And you WALK to work, right? Holy COW; where do you go?

Mel, I haven't had a Dodge since I sold my 2001, but wish I still had it. I've never owned a Ford, but I drive one daily at work.

That being said, I'd buy a Ford right now. Ford didn't take ONE THIN DIME from Mr. Socialist during the attempt to takeover America's auto sector. Sometimes, you have to vote with your money..... My 2¢

Where's Bruce?

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My '99 has nearly 150,000 miles on it and doesn't leak any oil, had any major problems and been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. My wife's Ford diesel Excursion has been a complete POS nightmare. Never again will I buy a Ford. Bought 4 Dodge vehicles, they were all solid, reliable SUVs and trucks.



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Dodge has never been able to design the 4x4 correctly on their trucks. To be more specfic, there 4x4 front hubs are always in motion, unlike ford's which do spin free until the hubs are engaged. Dodge has serve problems with ball joints, basically there front suspension needs to be totally revised. There is mod kits to fix the 4x4 problem but truly wtf. If it wasn't for Cummins putting diesels in thier trucks in the 80's Dodge would of been out of business in the 90's. Dodge would of gone out of business again in 2008 if it wasn't for the worst president ever.
Chevy builds great trannys and motors but don't you dare lift the trick and off road with it, hell let alone street driving, I've seen 2 with snapped axles along the highway. My bro has witnessed 2 lifted chevys snap axles in Pismo beach in one week.
Ford had issues with thier diesel motors from 03-10. But from my truck knowledge they have built and continue to build they strongest suspensions. Every since 2010 ford's diesel is extremely reliable. I would love a dodge for a cummins, but I would end up doing vall joints with oil changes or replacing the whole front end to begin with.
As I type this im on a crosscountry bird hunting trip in my 97 f250 no fears. Sadly I was uneducated and the f250 prior to 98 have bad front ends but they are still 1000X bettter than dodges and chevys.


If you might notice, he already made his choice and bought a track, but you still keep braking your spears over this issue.
OK, i cannot hold it any longer, i have to add, if you want to discuss problems, buy American, if you want to hunt, buy Toyota!!!

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