Range safety, or should that be range stupidity? Tales from the ranges.


I've seen some pretty stupid people do some really dangerous moves at gun ranges. It's why I dont like public ranges and usually head off to shoot alone or in my group of people I trust.

Today was a new one. On a forest range about 70 yds wide. No one there until I'm almost done and some young guy pulls up right next to me. There are several other ranges along this road but he picks right next to me. He unloads a shooting mat and puts it in front of my bench I'm using to zero a rifle. He lays out his sniper AR and I ask him if I'm done for the day? Dumbass replies hes only going to take one shot. WTH? Dont mind me I said, just keep your head low and dont stand up. He finally realized I wasnt amused with his bafoonery and picked up his rifle and left.


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Wtg Jesse “ just keep your head low and Dont stand up”...he had No respect for the situation but u handled it well.
That reminds me of a situation I had like that a few years ago in cali when I use to trout fish Quarry Lakes in Fremont all the time. I was at the lake before dawn humped my but all the way back to my spot no one was there at all.
Then after sunset this fisherman has balls to squeeze in the bank a few feet from me with some bushes between us when there was over 3 mi. Of bank to choose a good spot, I am like great I know he is going to spook the waters now and I wasn’t happy at all. I had 3 or 4 nice rainbows on my stringer already.
Once or twice he crossed my line in the water and had to untangle steam was coming out my ears. Now the lake was real full and there was really no bank to sit on by the water so I was up 25ft. in my Shade chair on the trail path nodding off waiting for my poles to jingle and he was in a beach chair right on the waters edge at a angle tilted forward because of the steep bank.
All of a sudden I hear a big splash and look down a he had fallen in face first in the water, I started laughing thinking that’s what u deserve after messing my spot up all day, then I noticed he wasn’t moving at all and then it turned serious I fly down the bank and he is all head and shoulders still in the water and I had to use all my strength to pull him and the chair back out of the water he had to be pushing almost 350 lbs. he was gasping for air and finally he regained consciousness I said dude what happen how did u fall in, he said he passed out and because of the angle of the chair leaning forward with all his wait he tipped over head and face first and because of his weight he didn’t have the strength to move at all, he said if I wasn’t there to pull him out he would of drowned. He was so thankful he offered me his fish and he called his wife to tell her what happened and how grateful he was that I saved his life. I have tears coming out of my eyes now because it was very traumatic emotional experience and if I didn’t notice that it was a serious situation instead of just laughing when it all first happed because he was being a dick for squeezing in my spot that day he would of died.
After that I made a friend for life and I told him he was welcome to fish with me and any of my honey hole spots in the future.
I ended up getting my limit and calling it a day to remember, VERY TRUE STORY! I have to see if I can find a pic of me that day with my full stringer, that’s when I was a trout slayer now I am a bass slayer...lol....tra



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The last time I was at my local public range was about a month ago. Some guys with pistols were trying to get their 12" x 12" metal frame for targets to stand up at 25 yards. The ground was too hard to push the feet in. So they propped it up with 10" rocks. Can you say ricochet?? I was getting ready to leave and when I saw them shoot they never got close to the target or the rocks.

I have a lot more but I am preparing for a power outage.


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When you're soo heavy you can't even lift yourself up when you fall over? And it ain't like that kinda situation happens overnight, ya know?

Being somebody who's always been technically overweight, and someone who can gain weight super easily... I've always wondered when was that EFF it moment in their lives when they just decided not to give a care about themselves anymore? Ya know? And just let it all go like that?

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