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I would like to be remembered from visit to visit- cannot find a way to do this?? I just switched to DSL and re loged in.
ralph nestor AKA Widux


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Try logging out. When you log back in, make sure the "remember me" box is checked. If that doesn't work, I'm sure someone more 'puter literate than me will be along to help you out.



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widux, I think grtwhyhunter is right. Log out. You might also go to the main forum page, and down on the bottom, click on "clear all cookies set by this board" or whatever it says. Then, log back in, go whereever you want to start each visit, and save a new bookmark; it may be that you bookmarked when you weren't logged in.



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Thanks guys- i thought i had checked remember me BUT maybe not- anyway I logged out and started again and all seems to be copesetic.

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