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recommendations on idaho zones


hey guys, starting to do some research on some Idaho mule deer, public land hunting next year and was hoping for some guidance on some zones and areas to look at and go to. looking more in the south western part of the state and would really appreciate the help. coming from california and would like to get OTC tag zones

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Takeem, I hunted 66 and 66a last month. That is in the east part of the state by Palisades Reservoir. More elk than deer there. I found myself working the extreme west end of 66. I ended up with a young 3x3 taken on some state land on unit 69. I know of a few larger bucks taken on 66, but most I seen were hanging were small. I did a lot of dayhike climbing on this hunt, in some nice looking country. Seen good sign on most hikes, but I think the better bucks are holding up deep or real high. The general tag is just to early. Horses would help in most of these areas. I did contact the IGF area biologist before the trip. He turned me away from 67. He said better bucks would be to the south. Overall, Idaho general season deer is a tuff nut to crack. Jeff
I covered a lot of ground this deer and elk (general) season. Saw plenty of bucks in many different areas. The questions back at you what terrain do you prefer to hunt ( sage, trees, transition zones, etc) what part of the state, how are you going to hunt? (foot, horse,atv), and most importantly..... what kind of shape are you in? Make no mistake......... most of Idaho stands on its nose. the small percentage that is flat isnt gonna hold a whole lot of deer. LOTS of deer and space here so kinda narrow it down a little and I will see if I can help, if not I have a few oldtimer buddies that can.

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