Record, 64-pound Asian carp caught in Louisiana lake


Mar 11, 2001
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The Natchez Democrat

June 09, 2002

MONTEREY, La. - When Jeff Hauer went fishing Thursday at Cocodrie Lake, he was trying to catch a mess of white perch.
But when he came home, he had made history.

Hauer snagged a 64-pound Asian carp. Not only was that the largest fish of its species caught in the area, but it was the first ever caught in the area.

"I was trolling for white perch, and I thought I was hung up on something," he said. "When I pulled its head up, I thought I had a large bass, and my friend (Cedrick Moore) thought I had a catfish."

After Moore got out of his boat and into Hauer's boat, the two wrestled the fish for about 30 minutes before dragging it out of the water. Then they had to figure out what they had.

"We stopped on the lake and asked several people if they knew what it was," he said. "On my way home, I stopped by (Miss-Lou Marine) and Kent (Charrier) called the game warden. He told me it was the first one caught in this part of the country."

He had it weighed and told Moore after he had gone home.

"He was pretty shocked," he said. "But he knew it was a pretty big fish."

Hauer said the warden told him Asian carp are bred in Arkansas, but this one may have come through Red River to Cocodrie.

"It feels pretty neat to have caught such a big fish. I've never caught one that big before," Hauer said. "And to catch the first one (of that species) is a new experience."

After the 30-minute war, Hauer said he did not want to let it get loose. He cut his lee rope and tied the fish to the back of the boat.

He said he motored slowly to make certain it did not escape back into the water.

However, instead of immediately taking the fish home, Hauer stayed to catch 11 more fish, finishing with 14.

All of this was pretty good luck for Hauer, who said he had not been fishing in a while.

"My friend just called me up and asked me to go," he said.

Now, he plans to have the fish mounted, but the taxidermist has not seen the fish yet.

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