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Record or not, Canadian officials say deer was


Record or no record, deer was taken illegally

Dryden (Ontario) Observer


A picture of an illegally hunted deer that appeared in the Dryden Observer on Nov. 26 is generating a lot of excitement in the sporting world, much to the chagrin of conservation officer Mike Humberstone.

In fact, that photo, plus a second picture of the large deer are now circulating the Internet, with people across North America speculating as to whether the animal sets new records for size, or if the photos themselves are doctored.

For Humberstone, who is pictured in one photo, those arguments are irrelevant. The issue is, the deer was killed in a night hunt, which is illegal.

"People are losing focus. We can't be seen as glorifying something that is illegal," he says.

The deer was shot and killed in the Dryden area during the month of November. A rural resident heard gun shots and investigated before informing the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Humberstone notes that he is still investigating the shooting and expects to eventually lay several charges against the hunter in question.

He goes on to explain that there are several reasons why night hunting is against the law.

"The big one is safety. You don't know what you will hit. It's also the unfair nature of the pursuit. It eliminates the idea of a fair chase," Humberstone says.

The conservation officer acknowledges the size of the deer's rack has generated a great deal of interest and speculation. While the MNR is likely to eventually score the animal for its own information, that news may not be made public.

"It's not the place for the MNR to have an animal scored for public knowledge. It takes away from why we're here," he says.

However, he does admit it is a very large buck.

"It's the largest deer I've ever seen," he says, adding that too is irrelevant to his case. "As far as we are concerned, the penalties are the same for a small deer or a world class deer," he says.

Regardless of the fines the province may impose, avid hunter Larry Polny says the hunter in question is likely already suffering.

"If a person hunted that deer legally, it could be worth $100,000 a year in endorsements," the Sioux Lookout resident says.

Humberstone, meanwhile, refuses to put a dollar figure on what such an animal could bring in for a legal hunter.

"I'm saying this deer has no value," he stresses.

While Polny has only seen the animal in pictures, he says it is a beautiful specimen.
"I've hunted all my life just to see something like that," he says, emphasizing he hopes the deer's score is not penalized because it was poached.

Hunters feel the animal would likely put Dryden on the map in terms of deer hunting tourism - as its offspring are probably also in the region


It's not hard to get trophy animals after dark or out of season this is just more fuel for the antis to use


New member
There are large deer in Ontario; it is not unusual to get deer in the 250 to 300 lb field dressed.
The record in Ontario is over 450 lbs for a white tail. One of these days there will be a world record from Ontario and the numbers are great. I can take up to 6 deer in my area. OH
For all of you that would like to see the finished mount of the Dryden Deer all ya have to do is go to...www.tbtv.com/pictures
You can also find out more about the two guys that poached the deer & what they were charged with at www.ocoa.ca and look under the topics on the left that says NEWS... scroll down to the end of that page and then look for 2004 news "Busted" then scroll down till ya see july 27th/2004 there you will see the heading " Dryden-Trophy deer Poaching Conviction ".
Also the guy sitting on the deer in the picture at the begining of this post is a forestry worker & NOT a Conservation Officer just thought I would clareify that for thouse who didn't know.

The deer mount has been put on display in the Dryden museum & is on lone from the M.N.R.

The guy in the photgraph is a dryden Police officer and his name is Kriss Wood. He was there because the hunter that poached the deer was a guest at his parents deer hunting service. ( I don't recomend hunting with them because they let illegal hunting like this happen). The deer head mount is now located in the Dryden museum where you can go see it any weekday. If any of you hunters want to hunt the big deer in Dryden, check out a reputable hunting outfitter at Pelican Creek Outfitters

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