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Mar 11, 2001
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Aug. 23, 2002

Charlie Farmer, Springfield News Leader Outdoors columnist

Volunteers workshop open for registration

Registration for the Missouri Sportfishing Volunteer Instructors workshop is under way.

Adult and teen-age volunteers from around the state will gather Nov. 8-9 at Baptist Hill Assembly Camp Ground in Mount Vernon for instructor training in the Missouri 4-H Sportfishing program.

The training is open to 40 potential leaders but registrations must be received prior to Oct. 25. For more information on the training workshop, or to register for the volunteer training, contact the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension Center in your county.

“The Sportfishing training program is designed to develop adult and teen volunteers who will work with, and mentor, youth through the Missouri Sportfishing project,” said Byron Morrison,

4-H youth development specialist in Greene County.

According to Morrison, the goal of the workshop is to provide 40 leaders who will then conduct a minimum of six group sessions each year with young people, ages 8-18. Similar training sessions held earlier in the year attracted 19 new participants.

“I hope the session in Mount Vernon is well attended. It will likely be the last Sportfishing training we have in southwest Missouri for at least a year,” Morrison said.

This training is open to all teens and adults who are, or would like to become, 4-H program volunteers as well as teens or adults who are involved with other organizations serving youth.

The national 4-H Sportfishing program is a youth development effort that provides a curriculum designed to develop life skills in youngsters, The program also teaches youth to exercise leadership and support for responsible recreational fishing and stewardship of aquatic resources.

The basic curriculum is divided into four knowledge or skill areas: tackle craft, angling, people, and fish and aquatic ecology. During the training workshop, participants will receive intensive instruction in two of the the four knowledge areas, learn successful strategies for working with youth, and study about liability and risk management procedures.

Members of the southwest Missouri regional Sportfishing training team will conduct the training workshop.

Morrison can be called at 862-9284 or e-mailed at morrison@missouri. edu.

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