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Remington M721 thru M700 safety issue


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WOW!!! I just read this topic in it's entirety and now I'm a little scared handling my 700. I've had this gun for about 10 years and luckily no problems. I do a lot of big game hunting and most of the time all by myself.

I realize this topic is dated and all the Remington Safety links do not work any more, nor does the CBS special link. Can someone PLEASE help me out and repost or IM me the safety information or email me the info.

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I believe you can contact Remington and get info on purchasing their new x-mark trigger and having it installed by an authorized gunsmith. I have a 700 and my local gunsmith said the only time he has seen a problem trigger on one is when they get gummed up and dirty. He adjusted mine to 3.5 pounds with no creep, and I clean the trigger group annually with a couple blasts of Crudcutter, re-lube with Rem Oil, and I have had no problems.


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I just watched the report about this issue witht he 700's on cnbc last week. I am currently borrowing my father inlaws 700bdl chambered in 30.06. With the possibilty of it being a christmas gift to me from the inlaws. Or mayber a small $ purchase.
After watching the report i got really bummed out. thinking i will never be able to afford a 900.00 rifle. Now that i hear there is a safer trigger option out there my hopes are back up. Can any of you out there Pm me with some specific typr of trigger i need to start looking for. i have wanted a model 700 for years now and i finally have my chance. I do have my grandfathers Springfield 03A3 30.06 he brought back from the war but i does not have a milled reciever to mount a scope.

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