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Review I wrote


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Read his review. Both.

I would like to try that on my 870.
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The reason i'm asking is because i read his review and would like to know:
What opinion he asks about his review or about the product?
There are 2 different things, therefore might be different opinions.


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Fair question. I Just started writing them, so I was thinking the review, but would welcome either.



I'll offer only my opinions and please, no offense.

I think the review is informative and express your opinion well. Keep on doing this. It helps a lot.
I'm not a grammar guy, i'm about how you described the product and your experience. I guess you were limited in space and format, otherwise some pictures would be really beneficial.

Now, about the product.
I shoot shotguns on and off for over 40 years now, but i guess it is not long enough, I never thought that one should aim shotgun, usually it is point.
Also, i never new that one needs any sight on shotgun unless it is rifled barrel, but then you need something more precise like scope. With regular slugs in smooth barrel it might have some benefit, but than i do not see any adjustment options to sight it in.
Shotgun shooting is intuitive, one needs to concentrate on the moving target, the lead, not on the sight, at least i was told so, but again, everyone who hunted with me can attest that i'm not a great shooter. I'm OK the best due to the lack of practice.
However, I never seen any competitive shotgun shooters with any optics and they are the best ones and can afford anything they need, but they even usually do not have bids on the rib, let alone 2 bids.

Before this duck season i put a nice truglo bid on my shotgun. Somewhere in the middle of the season i noticed it is not there. I do not know when i lost it and how long i was hunting without it. I kept hunting without anything with no difference in the killing rate. Looking back i do not remember seeing it on my gun besides the day i installed it. My conclusion was that i do not see, nor look at it.

It is only my opinion and my $0.2, but i think it is the same marketing trick as Snap caps.

But again i guess you are experienced shotgun shooter and since you held it in your hands you can tell the difference and real potential benefit, hence pictures at least would help.

Good luck, and keep them coming.


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The product. My thought was if I wanted to enhance my duck hunting experience I needed to shoot more ducks. I bought a Burris Speed Bead. Bad mistake. Though it would be great for turkey or rifled slug applications in the blind on a rainy day it got wet and I couldn't see through it.


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Thanks for the feed back.

Just Guy, I shoot intuitively, too, so this was a pleasant surprise for how easy it was to be real with. I also tried the Red Ring sight. It is much more expensive and needs batteries to work. It sells like crazy. I didn't like it much, so when asked to field test this one, I was apprehensive. It is very intuitive, and that was what I tried to point out in the reveiw. Maybe I did that poorly. I'll work on clarifying my main points better.

Also, to be very clear and honest, I am far from an expert shotgunner. I have shot it a lot, as you have, but miss way more than I care to admit.

Thanks freezer. It's not for everyone, but for those who would use something like it, it's really quite cool.

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