Ridgetec Lookout 4G LTE cell trail camera review. Game cam


Mar 11, 2001
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Just got this Ridgetec Lookout cell cam from www.trailcampro.com. $399.00.

So far i like it, decent pics, 15 emails allowed for notifications if you use if for security. The big wabbit ear antennas need some paint, that black stands out like a sore thumb in the socal desert here.

PROGRAMMING. I used the desktop control panel to do the settings. They were easy to figure out, I didnt even need the op manual..

SIM CARD ACTIVATION. It was easy to scan the bar code inside the unit with my cell to set up the free first month of Verizon cell service. There is an app or you can use their desktop user control panel to look at pics or change settings and manage your cell account. I got the version that comes with 2 SIM cards, 1 for Verizon and 1 for AT&T. I set it up on Verizon.

POWER. It takes 12 AA batteries and will work with a 12 vdc battery or battery/solar setup. It has the smaller 4.1mm jack so you'll need a pigtail if using the standard 5.5mm plug on the Moultrie battery or HME 12 vdc solar/battery.

SIZE & WEIGHT. Those wabbit ear antennas make this unit very tall., something to consider when placing it in tight spots. With 12 batteries its a little on the heavy side.

MOUNTING. It has not one but two 1/4x20 camera standard mounts, one on the bottom and one on the back. This is real handy if your location calls for a back mount set up. Only game cam Ive seen with 2 mounting locations. There is a lockable security case available for $32. Masterlock Python locks will work with this security case.

FLASH. No glow flash which is what you want for security and not spooking critters.

PIC SIZE AND REZ. 12 MP. 1920 x 1080 rez for video.

SD CARD. This one takes up to 64 gig cards which doubles what many game cams will allow at 32 gig.

WARRANTY. 2 years.









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