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Road Kill ?


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Years ago i was vacationing in the mid-west and while driving on a dark country road in a moderate snow storm i took a wrong turn. Not far down the road i saw several deer so i slowed the car and passed by while the deer moved away from the road. After passing the deer i soon realized my mistake and turned the car around. As i drove back through the same area where i had saw the deer earlier a deer busted across the road and hit his head on the right side of the front bumper. I stopped the car and found him dead not more that 25' from the road. As i understood it at the time if you called the local sheriff in regards to road kill they would come out, tag the deer and it was yours for the taking. I did call and he told us to load it up and come down the sheriffs office where he did tag the deer for me. Great eating whitetail doe.
My father in law told me when he was growing up on the east coast that there was one person in the county that collected road kill and would pass the meat out to families in need, I was told all he got out of it was the hides and some of the meat as well.


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It will become legal in Washington in July to pick up road killed deer and elk. Looking forward to it!

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