Road sign spotted near mono lake CA


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We should just adopt the sections North and South of that one.

They do allow joke names on those adopt a hwy signs. Couple of the names above Big Pine up to the Bristlecones are obvious jokes but first I've seen a political one.


now i wonder what they would say if you wanted "Trump fan" on there? I bet they wouldnt allow it and if they did the sign wouldnt last one day.

Where's a MAGA hat when you really need one


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I didn't see it when I went by on Friday. Everything was a business on the Southbound side. I even glanced back at the northbound sides and didn't see it either (I know this is on the NB).


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I don't like their incindiary sentiment, but if they keep the highway shoulder pristine then I'll forgive it. Poor strategy when you are going to be an easy target to passing cars whose occupants could target you by tossing garbage though.

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