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Robbinhood Already While Dialing In My New Freestyle Bow Set Up.....Pic's


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My current archery style for all my compitions and club shoots is BHFS with a compound but I have been wanting to shoot compound freestyle too with a single pin slider adjustable sight bow set up for awhile now as a new challenge, so I finally set up my back up compound bow a Bear Assault and I converted it to a freestyle set up today and went to my private archery club range this morning and started dialing it in at 20 yrds to start. I put a Extreme single pin slider sight on it with a Q.A.D. Ultra Rest and a Cartel compitition carbon stabilizer.
I first put a little red half dollar size red dot on the target to have a real small focus point to aim at first shots were way off the center of the bullseye target a foot high and a foot to the right and within only a handful of sight readjustments I already slammed a robbinhood that quick, so then i put a smaller qaurter size red dot on the target to really tighten up my focus point because my sight was just a hair off the mark when I robbinhooded so with 2 more fine sight adjustments I was drilling the x consistently. That's all I wanted to do today is get it at least dialed in at 20 then the next handful of times I get out to the range I want to dial it in all the way to 80 yrds. Once I get it all dialed in then i want to start doing my compitition shoots Freestyle and also still BHFS.
Then my next challenge is to set up my Olympic Recurve Compitition bow for for 900 shoots only which consist of shooting 60, 50 and 40 yrd shots. I will post that up when I get my recurve sight for it and start dialing it in.
So heres some pics of my new bow set up for Freestyle and today's dialing in session which was really quick with my bow tunning skills....lol......tra

Here's after my robbinhood with a couple a more sight adjustments bingo on the mark, not bad for less then a hr. For being way off too slamming the X consistently, i luv dialing in my own bows...tra


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Nice job gator J. Keep up the good work. Still waiting to see a hog on one of those sticks.

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