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Roll Call


New member
From Northern Virginia. Looking for access to a dove field in northern part of the state. I do most of my gun hunting in Highland County and my bowhunting in Farifax.


I'm from Harrisonburg, hunt here and Highland, Augusta,Rockbridge and Amherst. Had a good season so far, small rack 8 pt in Fulks Run, 3 pt in Amherst and Bbuck in Highland (thought it was a doe).

This spot is slow, would like to see more posts. Happy Holidays!!


Well, turns out I killed another button buck in Highland Co. dang it!! Had a single big doe come out, but she knew I was there and wouldn't give me a shot, then later another doe with the little buck walked across the ridge and I got it. Encore with 300 gr. XTP's did a good job too!


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Hi guys, I'm a Marine original from Cali, but just got stationed in D.C. I'm going to try do some hunting at Quantico this year and see how that goes. I've hunted in California, Utah and Colorado, and I've taken a couple of bucks, and numerous of hogs, one which weighed 305 field dress. Hogs is my favorite animal to hunt, but I heard there's none here so I guess deer will have to do. I'm also looking for some new hunting buddies since all my friends are back in California.

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