Rubber shotgun slugs are effective black bear deterrent


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Dec 2, 2001
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argh...Rick Sinnott is a joke anyway. The black bears are not the problem for human lives for the most part...the brown bears are. Of the bears I've seen, the black bears that were solo scampered off. The ones with cubs stood there ground. The brown bears could really care less and I'd feel a lot better having it laying on the ground than sitting in the alders waiting for an attack, or have that adrenaline running where the only way to stop it is to cease brain functions. I haven't had to DLP a bear (defense of life or property) but if I had to, it is a simple form and you gotta bring the hide with claws attached and the skull to a DFG office.
Of the few people that I know that had to kill a bear in DLP, the officer just said, "well, ok, do you want it?"
The problems with black bears come from people that have their bird feeders out in the spring and garbage inappropriately stored...both easy fixes. Anyway, just because I don't know what to expect in the woods, I'll be carrying lead, not rubber.

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