Russia levies rare punishment for poaching tigers


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Once again its the Chinese that create the demand for these stupid animal parts with their lame beliefs. Ivory, bear gall bladders... I'm surprised they're not over here trying to consume condor hearts to get a hard on.


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China; killer of all,,land & sea! Despicable! Imagine just what they get away with day in/out in the US?


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Maybe we should start a rumor that chinese body parts cure cancer. Then we will kill two bird with one stone. Increase game population while reducing chinas population.

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I dont believe we should b bashing all Chinese ppl...just because some individual does it dont mean the whole race does it...i mean look at the TV show Game Warden... alot of the deer poachers were white...should we say tha all of us white are deer poachers???...i m pretty sure theres some Chinese members in here....dont wanna offend any race or genders....and dont even start the black thing either...

Lets not mak it a bashing Chinese topic...since it is Chinese New Year....besides...Chinese discovered gun


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Even though I appreciate your wish to demonstrate the fairness to Chinese individuals, their cultural values are open targets, no pun intended. Their huge numbers are the consuming engine that drives them to gobble up natural resources at a breakneck pace for many years, plus their bureaucracy tends to be very corrupt, and beyond the reach of their own archaic justice system. So, when you talk about the Chinese do have a problem with poachers, and their meddling with national treasures in other countries, there is plenty of evidence to demonstrate their corporate avarice.
There is also plenty of evidence available to demonstrate that there are poaching networks that often seem to work under the radar of their simplistic government institutions. There will then be some people who can be pointed to, as individuals, who often don't ever encounter the justice system, and they slip into and out of the country with seeming impunity, carrying their ill-gotten gains. I've even had conversations with bear hunters, who've told me that I'd be better off asking people around Sn Gabriel, that I'd be able find the Asian people who might be interested in the gall bladder, and other parts.
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