Sac refuge complex meeting


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Mar 12, 2001
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Here's a rundown on the items that were discussed at the Sac Refuge Hunt Program meeting yesterday:

1.  A Reservation Overdraw was proposed by the feds on a trial basis at Colusa and only for days that the refuge normally does not fill even after the lottery and sweatliners get in (late October, November, etc).  

2. Seperate reservations and lottery for disabled blinds. Only hunters with permanent disabilities may hunt the disabled blinds. The disabled person must have the reservation.
3.  Sutter undergoing replumbing of water delivery system. Flood up will be late again.

4. Purging lottery lines at shootimes was proposed but DFG was concerned about manpower to do this.

5. Mike Flores of the DFG has proposed changing the lottery at Delevan to FCFS.

6. The management plans for all refuges in the complex will be updated in the next few years. This will provide an open door for the anti's so hunters need to gey their input in.

7. Changing hunt days. The feds and DFG are looking at possibly changing the hunt days on some areas to provide alternatives to hunters. For example: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

8. Shell limit was discussed but will remain at 25 for next season.

At least four other guys from this board were there, so you guys can tack on anything important that I missed.
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