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I lauch my boat at Butte City little late in the morning heading to the Sac Rvr Wl spot. As I got my Tom decoy my hen and my shotgun. Heading to the hunting spot. The grass is pretty tall. After going up the bank I slow walk and saw a Tom running toward the brushes. At the same time I saw him I had my Tom decoy and a real turkey fan in front of me to camouflage me and trick him as another Tom. As I last saw him headed into the bushes I took a few step trying to head his way and look at where he last disappear out came the Tom strutting his fan heading to challenge my Tom lol. So I drop and flat on the ground and put my decoy Tom in front of my and move it a little and I can see the Tom working his way to challenge my decoy. I'm thinking like he must've been a dominant Tom cause he would only come back to challenge his new invader. So as I move the decoy a little again he started heading my way and got to 40 yards, 30 yards, and then at just less than 20 yards I let my Hevi-Shot #5,6,7 shot fly to his head...I wish I had a GoPro with me to capture this. Would've been great on video...but here's my 9 1/2" Tom.View attachment 84963


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Congrats on the nice Tom! Be super careful using yourself as a decoy. A lot of hunters have been shot in the past when someone mistook them for a turkey, and they weren't trying to "be the decoy".

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