Saline River angler reels-in big 'gator


Mar 11, 2001
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What's this on my hook?

7-ft. gator caught on river bend near Dierks

Nashville (Ark.) News

A fisherman at Horseshoe Bend caught a seven-foot, nine-inch alligator Monday afternoon.

Clyde Parker and his wife Terry of Dierks were camping at Horseshoe Bend near Dierks Lake Monday.

Parker was fishing on the bank of the Saline River behind the campsites when he hooked something very large on his rod and reel at about 1:30 p.m. Parker said that he pulled the large alligator in to the bank. Terry said that she then went for help.

The Dierks Lake Corps of Engineers office called Arkansas Game and Fish officers to remove the alligator.

Game and Fish officers Tim Davenport and Eley Talley removed the large alligator and took it to Millwood Lake where it was released.

Davenport said that sometimes alligators migrate that far up the river. He said that this was the second alligator caught at Dierks Lake. The first one was caught about four or five years ago.

Talley said that it was a rare event for an alligator to travel that far north. `I don't want the public to be overly concerned," he said. But he added that alligators being in water anywhere in southwest Arkansas was a possibility.

Talley estimated that the alligator weighed 150 to 200 pounds, and `it didn't give us any trouble." He said that he had never heard of any report of a person being bitten by an alligator in southwest Arkansas even at Millwood Lake where they are very common.
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