Salmon pics from Shane in Washington


Mar 11, 2001
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My buddy Shane in Washington sent these pics of his recent salmon fishing trips near Hoodsport Washington.

He said they were catching Coho, Chum and pink salmon with the Chum being protected and you have to release them. Limit was 4 a day he said. Bait was irridescent beads that resembled salmon eggs drifted just off the bottom in the river.



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Nov 13, 2001
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Hey, thanks guys. Yeah, we caught a slew of fish last fall. A bumper crop for all runs. Some say as good as we've had for 100 years! I know I caught and recorded well over 150 salmon this year. My two boys (8 and 10) caught about two dozen each - gotta keep the neighbors happy. I only keep certain fish. I like the real fresh ones as they enter the river system. The rods got a workout.  The fish in Jesse's original posting were all Pinks (aka: Humpies). They are the smallest of the salmon up here - averaging 4-6 pounds. That's an every-other year run. Below, I've attached some other pics of Silvers, and Chinook.

The protected Chums were an exclusive species native to one specific river. All other Chums were legal to keep and EVERYWHERE! They are real bruisers too. A nasty attitude and a huge set of teeth to go with it. A great fish to catch - on any gear.

Drift gear is the primary choice of tackle for most salmon fishing. That's where you'll drift a small sliding egg sinker above the swivel, about 18" leader, corkies, yarn (or corky & yarn combo), and a 1/0 (average) Octopus hook - tied with egg loop knot. You'll generally see the fish (or know where they are likely to be) laying in a pocket or shoot, then present the bait from above so that the current will drift the bait in a direct path to the fish.

 ~ Enjoy the pics

Chum buck - approx. 13 lbs.

Chinook hen and two bucks

A fine limit of Silvers (Coho)

Silver hen - approx. 11 lbs.

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