Salton Sea Limits


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Mar 13, 2001
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Some of the best Corvina actiona of the year went on this past week. Anglers were going away with limits of Corvina to 11 pounds. They were biting on the west side of the North end of the Sea on Fish Traps and live bait. Any Fish Traps with orange was the ticket. They were using 4 or 5 inch size with 1/2 or 3/8 oz heads.              Fubar


Mar 20, 2001
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Well Fubar you've touched on a subject that's near to my heart! The Salton Sea still is and will always be one of the best fisheries in this state. Catch ratios of any species every 7 minutes. No limit on the readily available  Croaker, Tilapia or Sargo. Ridiculously easy 5 fish limits of Corvina of 7-12lbs. 250,000 acres of water, miles of open shoreline, uncrowded marinas and campgrounds. Yessum, this is in Southern California!
A week ago a buddy and I fished out of Bombay Beach marina. Launching at daylight, we fished for 3 hours to fill our daily limit of Corvina. All averaging 10 lbs. Using silver 3/4 Hopkins Spoons we had a tough time keeping 1lb. Croaker and 2 1/2 Tilapia disinterested. Our bigger Corvina gobbled Croaker we fly lined. 4 fish near 15 lbs. each. A piscatorial repeat the following morning. Oh, there's more. I'll send this along. If there's an angler out there that's tired of soaking his line all day. Think about the Sea.
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