san gabriel nat forest / nat park ???

so cal hunter

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Dec 13, 2001
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Hey Guy's : have you seen the front page of the press telegram. there is  a bill H.R.2534 authored by rep.HILDA SOLIS, D-EL MONTE, for a study to possibly turn the San Gabriel Nat. Forest into a Nat. Park. They are asking for $500,000 for the study. the area is from Altadena north to Palmdale east to the l.a. /riverside county line then south to san dimas and the west to altadena this is a large area with Plenty of wildlife. i hunt there probably more than any where else because it is 30 mi from my home not sure if anyone else hunt's there but if you do you might think about contacting Hilda Solis D-El-Monte and voice your opinion on this matter. from what i know and have seen about the San Gabriel mtns. and azusa especially there is not much of this area as a whole that is accessible to most people this area is very thick and steep  there are several hiking trail's in this area as well as several area's for HUNTING. we have all seen what has happened with the Nat. Park's Lands  i hope it does'nt happen here !!!!   SO CAL HUNTER

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