San Jacinto Wildlife Area winding down.


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Sep 5, 2013
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Managed to get out to SJWA twice this season for a Dove shoot. Last Wed there were plenty of dove in the field- Lots of shotgun blasts going off in the distance and I saw about 15 or so myself and took about a dozen reasonable shots. could of had a limit if I could hit the broadside of a barn, but when those dove come zooming out of the trees MAN! they are hard to hit. :smiley_chain_gun_an

Then I went out yesterday 6am. Did not see nearly as many dove. I was the only guy on the San Jacinto side. Talked to a guy hunting at Perris and he said after the storm last week the dove moved out quickly (he only bagged one after a 2 hour scout). I saw 4 dove the whole day they were all holding close to the ground in the dove weed and they were very weary of hunters. Did see a few fat jackrabbit up by the barn, but I don't really hunt bunnies (my grandma loved rabbit salad but I'm not a fan myself). If you are going to try for dove these last few days, head south- the cooler weather and desert storms have most of the dove heading for the border.

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