Sandor introduction and hunting Zone A - D13


Jun 30, 2020
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Hey Everyone!

Happy to be here... I first started hunting deer ten years ago and was with a group that was successful and I got to experience the whole thing. I got sidetracked for awhile, but I'm all in this year and putting in the work. I hope to get my first buck this year! I'm going to Piru on Thursday to sight in my Winchester model 70
30 .06. I'm a 47 year old father, live in Ojai, and scouting the Matilija and Dick Smith Wilderness for Zone A. I have a couple buddies who hunt a little and may join me for the opener, but if anyone is interested in teaming up throughout the season for safety reasons that would be great. I have worked for State Parks for 27 years as a Lifeguard, I am not a trophy hunter, just want to put some wild game in the freezer! Please and thank you prayers will be offered to the land and our creator.


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