Santa Barbara Mandatory Spay/Neuter


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Mar 14, 2008
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I need some help with a major project for The American Sporting Dog Alliance.

There are two rapidly developing issues now in Dallas, TX, and Santa Barbara, CA, and we need to quickly expand our database to be able to reach people in those two cities and states.

I must warn you that it is terribly boring work...searching through the Internet and copying email addresses of sporting dog people in those two states, and all dog people in those two cities. It is tedious, frustrating and completly unglamorous.

But it is also vital. The only way to bring dog people together to fight against animal rights laws is to be able to contact large numbers of people very quickly with the news, and then give them a way to take action. As an example, I am attaching a report I published today on a Santa Barbara issue that is hanging fire.

Would you be willing to help with this? If so, tell me about how much time you can devote, and I'll send you some links that will help in your search.


John Yates

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