Savage BMAG? .17 WSM varmint round and rifle.


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I've been thinking about this a lot today. Depending on the cost I'd start reloading and not bother with it. With cartridges like 22-250 and 221 fire ball you can relaod cheaper than you could but ammo. Another good reason to reload.


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Look at Shooting Times Magazine, thay have articles on two cartridges. The 17 Rim Fire Super Mag and the 17 Hornet. The 17 Hornet was a wildcat cartridge that's gone main stream. It generates 3500fps comapred to 3000 for the 17 RFSM and is reloadable making it cheaper to shoot. Savage offers it in the Model 25.


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I have centerfire Savages, but that new B-Mag is too ugly, even for me. I can't stand that cone on the back of the bolt. I hope CZ comes out with one - but I may just get the CZ in .17 Hornet.


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it's a POS

I got to fondle one the other day at a LGS and I was amazed at how cheap the rifle was. The bolt on it is absolutely rediculous. I thought it would make a good gun for my 11yr old but he would never be able to work the bolt due to it being so stiff. I could barely work it. I would probably bend the legs on my bipod if I was in the field using it. If you notice the bolt handle is shaped differently that is because you have to apply a lot of pressure down on the bolt to close it. Same applies for opening the bolt, you have to pull up really hard to open it. This could be a big benefit for the next manufacturer to make this rifle, they won't have to try to hard to make a better rifle than this one.


Eric from just posted his 1st hunt with the new Savage BMAG in .17 WSM. They don't twitch much with this round.



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they are ugly,but my savage 112v isnt that pretty lol, with ammo prices i can reload 222 cheaper and its much better in windy conditions,now if i can just find some powder and bullets

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