Savage model TR-SR


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May 3, 2011
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I just want to share how happy I am with this weapon. I went out with the kids and wife to plink this weekend in the wide open desert! Did a little gun safety training for the kiddos and let them shoot their grandmothers Remington 22lr. This is older than me twice over! After that I put the steel spinners out to 50m and the zero target out. Zeroed the sweet 22 had the wife take some shots at the 3" spinner. I pushed it to 100-105! Zeroed and set the reticle turrets and let rip. I was plugging the 2 and 3" spinners until I knocked it over. I will say for a considerable amount less than a Rem 10/22 already equipped with a bull barrel and McMillian stock it is an amazing little rifle. is the link to the rifle. It says wood stock but is synthetic.

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