SCI, NRA Help Overturn Firearms Transport Policy


Washington, D.C. - Safari Club International is pleased to announce a breakthrough reached today in overturning a recent policy decision by American Airlines barring the carriage of firearms in checked luggage.

Thanks to the vigilance of SCI members, Safari Club International was alerted immediately when American Airlines changed its policy on firearms to prohibit them in checked luggage on flights to Europe and Asia. The change was made effective on September 24, 2007.

Working closely together with the National Rifle Association, SCI lobbyists made contact with American Airlines and requested an immediate review of the new regulation and its scope. Some seventy-two hours later, American Airlines has announced it is lifting its blanket prohibition on firearms on flights to Europe and Asia.

Regrettably, due to onerous restrictions in the United Kingdom, American is currently unable to lift the prohibition for flights destined for the UK. However, discussions between American, SCI and the NRA continue, with the goal of resolving this issue as well.

SCI President Dennis Anderson lauded the speedy turn-around, saying "This accomplishment illustrates the power of sportsmen when we work together. SCI is pleased with the progress we have made on this issue, working cooperatively with the NRA, and we remain committed to resolving the issues that remain."

Anderson remarked on a new report issued by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation yesterday, saying "Just yesterday, leaders of the conservation community gathered in Washington to release a report that documents the $75 billion dollars spent annually by sportsmen. Hunters, particularly traveling hunters, make enormous contributions to the economy. We commend American Airlines for recognizing that hunters are a valuable segment of the transportation market, and for working with SCI and NRA to address the problems -- and loss of revenue -- that their new policy inevitably would have caused."

The CSF report is available at American Airlines has issued a press release and its text follows here. It can also be accessed on its website at:

"American Airlines recently implemented a policy, effective for tickets purchased on or after Sept. 24, 2007, that it would no longer allow the transportation of civilian firearms in checked luggage to Europe and Asia, as a result of onerous restrictions in the United Kingdom.

After hearing from our customers and interested parties, including the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Safari Club International (SCI), American has determined that it can modify its policy to allow legally declared firearms to be transported on nonstop flights to other destinations in Europe outside of the UK, and to our Asian destinations. We regret that, at this time, as a result of UK policies we can not allow civilian transport of firearms into the UK.

We look forward to working with the NRA, SCI, and other industry groups in an attempt to resolve those issues in the hopes of allowing civilian firearms to be transported to the UK on American Airlines in the near future."


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