Scope choice for my boys .243 win


Apr 16, 2017
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Hi guys
looking for advice on choosing a scope for my sons .243 Winchester xpr hunter

there seems to be a giant market of $200-$300 scopes right now so I'm thinking $250 max for a budget

my son is 13 and will shoot no more than 300 yds. He will use the gun for range shooting and possibly
Some coyote or pig hunting inside of 100 yds

i really would like something with long eye relief if possible

the ones on my short list so far are

sightron sII 3x9x42

leupold vx 1 or 2 3x9 or 4x12x40

minox zv3 3x9x40

nikon buck masters 2 3x9 or 4x12 x40

Thanks for for any info on what might be best in that price range and where I might buy them online



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Sep 26, 2015
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I would get a vx-2. I had the nikon buckmaster a long time ago, and did not feel the optics were as good as the leupold. I cant speak to the others though. I wouldnt rule out vortex either in that price range. Btw, i have two winchester xpr's, and they are excellent rifles. Also, if you guys are hunting majority inside of 100 yards, i would get 3x or less on the low end of the scope. 4x will suck if you jump something at 40 or 50 yards.


Dec 8, 2013
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In my opinion Leupolds are getting any good only from III and up. I had and still have some of them.
New Nikon Buckmasters(2) are very entry level scopes, did not like them. Had one and sold for loss.
Vortex Diamondback currently is the best bang for the buck as the reviews say so i bought one and agree 100%. It can be had for $150 +- if you look for sales.

I have one for 3 years already and very happy with it on my 223. and frankly do not see much any difference between it and my $750 Leupold.

As a cherry on the top it has lifetime no questions asked warranty.

Here is one for instance

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Oct 13, 2014
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I would just say be sure to get a BDC reticle. I like the ones on Vortex. The Nikon BDC is ok too, but just seems a little too "busy" visually-speaking with the circle marks. Good clarity on my Nikon though. Same with the entry-level Crossfire II Vortex. The higher level optics give ya a larger "eye-box", they allow more side-to-side movement of your head while still showing you an image. On the lower level scopes... you end up having to be more dead-center behind the scope and in-line with it before it presents you with an image. So that *can* take away a couple milliseconds in a rushed scenario. Definitely go with the 40mm objective. I've gone with 32mm on a couple of my rifles for weight savings and because the terrain in the spots I'm likely to take them the shots are close due to thick vegetation. However when calling in for predators in the PM the 32mm objective becomes a disadvantage quickly. The most I can crank it up to is 4x in last light, the higher powers make the image too dark to discern.

ON a lever gun I have, I put a Weaver 1-3x20mm. The glas is dang good on that one and the thing is tough as nails. I had a slip and fall that shattered my wrist and that scope got slammed HARD. Bent over the metal on the objective end of the scope. Still zeroed! So I'd ask around on folks experience with those Weavers too. They make some interesting models, like this one that's 38mm and goes up to 10x. In order to be a little lighter in carry.

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