Screaming woman protester dragged from Ohio Pork Congress


Mar 11, 2001
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Animal rights protesters meet with resistance at convention center.

Pork producers dish out counterclaims at annual event

By Amelia Robinson, Dayton Daily News


DAYTON | An animal rights protester took the stage Friday evening at the 34th annual Ohio Pork Congress and screamed, "Meat is murder," as 240 people prepared to munch on meats and vegetables at the Dayton Convention Center.

Audience members dragged the woman, in her late 20s and a member of the Urbana-based Mercy For Animals, from the microphone as Nathan Runkle, MFA's 17-year-old director, snapped away with a digital camera.

Runkle then was tackled by several men in the audience.

He and the woman were dragged from the ballroom screaming.

Dayton police charged Runkle with criminal trespassing and disruption of a lawful meeting.

He was taken to the juvenile detention center until his grandmother, a Sidney resident, could pick him up.

The woman was not detained by the audience members and left the scene.

Dayton police retrieved Runkle’s camera, which was empty, and said they attempted to recover the film.

The demonstration topped off MFA’s candlelight vigil across from the convention center at Fifth and Main streets. About 15 MFA members carried signs reading, “Choose compassion over killing. Please go vegan."

Dick Isler, executive vice president of the Ohio Pork Producers Council, denied MFA's claims that pigs are routinely subjected to inhuman conditions on Ohio farms.

"Pork producers care very much about their animals," he said. "The animal rights protesters are putting on a show for the media."

Isler said animal protesters have the right to their opinion, but they often force their vegetarian and vegan views on the public. Animal rights groups have crashed congress events in the past, but never have they been so "rude,” he said.

Dayton native Bill Long and Ritchie Laymon, both Columbus residents in their 50s, said the treatment of pigs and other animals on farms goes beyond rude.

"I am sure people thought the Boston Tea Party was rude," Laymon said. "It’s animal concentration camps. We wouldn’t treat our worst criminals the way we treat these animals, and they haven’t done anything wrong expect taste good."

MFA made news late last year for three "nighttime visits" to a Buckeye Egg Farm in LaRue and two to Daylay Egg Farm Inc. in Raymond. The 100-member group documented several instances of what they termed "horrendous conditions."

Before going into the convention center, Runkle described the horror he says pigs face on farms. Pigs are genetically manipulated to grow large and are confined to small concrete stalls for much of their lives, he said. Piglets are separated from their mothers.

"They haven’t felt grass under their feet until the day they are loaded on trucks to be slaughtered," Runkle said.

Judy Kell, 55, a Kettering resident and MFA member, said there are countless alternatives to eating meat. "With the products they have today and as good as soy is for your heart, you don’t need (meat)," she said.


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Jan 15, 2002
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I live about 15 minutes from Larue (buckeye egg farm) and I believe I have talked to Dick Isler before (4H stuff) and I have never heard of any of this.

I need to pull my head out of the sand!!!!

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