second round Spring Compressor


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Alrighty second generation Spring Compressor made,
first generation, to short and unstable, the screw adjustment was not strong enough
Spring Compressor 2 012.jpgSpring Compressor 2 015.jpgSpring Compressor 2 014.jpg

Adjustable outrigger non-slip feet, Spring screw is adjustable up and down and reenforced by a backing bolt.
sure is Pertty


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I picked up two a Gamo Whisper Slent Cat and a Hunter Extreme both in .177, the Hunter Extreme would cock but not lock.
You must have a srping compressor to reassyemble these rifles, not necessaraly to disassyemble scary shit happens when you pull the pin or bolt on a compressed spring.
:prayin :
My grandson just turned 12 and I am getting him ready to start hunting with us so the Whisper Cat shots at 1250 fps is light wieght and has fixed sights (took the scope off for now) figure we would get him started on Rabbit and such.
the Hunter Extreme shoots at 1650fps, (installed the trigger and spring catch properly) wieghs 9 lbs! wood stock Bull Barrel and no sights just the scope. Trading it down for a lighter rifle with sights.

But I am a DIY guy, why pay someone when you can but the tools and own them and grow your knowledge!
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Ok so something was wrong with the one. I was going to say that you should hardly ever need to mess with the springs on these.
I myself have a Hatsan Mod 95 in .22 with a gas piston.


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The issue with me is If I get into them I will up grade them, better triggers, Nitro gas cylindars, and the boy needs to know how to tear them down for maintenance and general repairs.

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