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Mar 10, 2005
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I just started a pix LE videocam kit. When I hook the wire up what settings do I use on the camera itself. set switch to camera, halfway switch for night shot. standby etc.


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May 19, 2004
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It is very important to follow this procedure as there is communication between your LE board and the camcorder. So, you must have everything set correctly.

First, with camcorder in hand hold it up and frame your subject or target area and use your zoom button to make this setting. This is important to do first as if you have it on max zoom your video will show you about 100 hairs of the deer as he stands in front of the camcorder unit. . . LOL LOL You want the framing to be done before you set the camera up.

With all turned OFF and unplugged. . .

1. Plug in the microphone plug if you are using one.
2. Plug the LANC plug into the camcorder.
3. Turn the camcorder ON to Camera setting, usually on the left front of the camera.
4. Turn your switch on the left back to Standby or off of LOCKED.
5. Now your camcorder is ready to receive signals from the board.
6. Turn your LE board ON.
7. Your board RED LED should come on solid and after a few seconds the board will send a signal to the camcoder and you will see and hear the tape perform a small wind/rewind operation.
8. The LE board will boot up for 30 seconds and then give you 4-5 RED LED flashes.
9. The LE board is now in the testing walk-around phase where the LED's will light up with heat/motion from your hand or body. This is so you can position the camera correctly.
10. After 60 seconds of this walk-around testing you will see 4-5 more RED LED flashes signaling the end of the walk-around and the beginning of the video taping phase.

Good luck.

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