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Sep 2, 2005
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Some of you guys that followed my shed hunting journal on my sites,know that 2009,was a record setting year for me in many ways.It was truly a dream season and I'm not really sure where to begin,so I'll start this post off with my biggest & smallest finds for 09.

Here's a photo of my best set from 09,and my best set in 21,years of shed hunting.

Here's a photo of the 6,sets of fresh sheds.Which is a single season record.

Here's a photo of 2 older sets of sheds that I was able to match up a few years apart.The small set was matched up 1,year apart.The big set I matched up from 3,years apart,which is a record for longest to find.

Here's a photo with all 8,sets found in 2009.

Here's a photo of my favorite find of the season.The 19"elk spike.

Finally here's the season ending shed pile photo,with all 59,antlers found in 2009.Also a single season record.

And here's one last photo with the 9pt,that I found this season.He also turns out to be the best buck I've ever found as well.

Well guys I never wanted this season to end because I had my best year ever.So posting these photos is kind of bitter sweat for me.It means that my "Dream Season has finally come to an end.

My stats go something like this:


Elk Sheds:1




Found my 500th,antler this season.

I want to thank everyone for posting your journals this season!I had a great time tagging along with you guys and getting to share with everybody all of the excitement as everyone found their antlers in 2009.

Thank You guys for making 2009,another great season!

I don't know about you guys but I can not wait for the 2010,season to start.I only have 168,more days to the start of my new shed season.Not that I'm counting.


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Feb 20, 2004
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Hey congrads to u my friend on the "bone collecting".................I found very few this season,but enough to keep me going next time(ha ha).....
Your pics and antlers say it all................Keep on pickin'..............

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