Shooters Ridge Adds Monkey Bag to Shooting Rest Options


Mar 11, 2001
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Shooters Ridge Adds Monkey Bag to Shooting Rest Options


Onalaska, Wisconsin - Shooters Ridge®, a leader in shooting supports and accessories, builds upon their reputation for solid shooting rests with the introduction of the new Monkey Bag™ (MSRP: $29.95). Available summer 2009, this new bag is ideal for shooting from a broad range of locations.

As a steady rest for virtually any shooting adventure, the new Monkey Bag is a small, sub-compact range bag that transforms into a variety of configurations. Poly-filled with a soft suede pad to protect a firearm's finish and provide a gripping surface, the Monkey Bag is the perfect size for the shooter on the move.

Ideal for fence posts, box blinds, shooting benches and prairie settings, the highly portable Monkey Bag ensures a shooter is never caught without a rest again. This versatile bag joins Shooters Ridge's existing line of modular bags such as the Gorilla Bag and Mini-Gorilla Bag which also offer multiple configurations and gun-gripping performance.

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