Shopping for a Gun Safe


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Anybody have any suggestions on where to buy a decent gun safe here in Southern California? Depending on the size and weight I am possibly looking for a place that will deliver.
Any input on what brand to buy or what to look for would be appreciated as well. I've never owned one so this is new territory for me......Thanks all!


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Dang brother. Could have got you a great deal this weekend at the big sportsman show here in kern county. I can always get you a good deal on a safe, it's just a little better at show time. The guys I know are....


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I REALLY like my Sturdy Safe - for the price, it has a lot of steel!
Sturdy Safes

If you are not in a hurry, you should check the CalGuns website in a few months. They regularly do group buys with Sturdy, which results in a discount on the safe - anywhere from 5%-15% off the safe. Basically a bunch of guys agree to commit to buying a safe, so Sturdy cuts a discount to each. It generally takes a number of months for the Group Buy to be coordinated and executed. They just finished one up recently, so it might be another 6 months or so before Sturdy will do another.

warren nelson

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look for the scratch and dent sales, I got mine that way and Had a bottle of touchup paint inside it.
Murrietta was the place I got it, it a Cannon and it was just about half price.

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