Should field points hit the same spot as Broadheads?


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Oct 29, 2019
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I’m new to the site guys and just wondering what everyone thinks about this. I shoot G5 Montec 100 grain broad heads and my 100 grain field points are always hitting a different spot.


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Mar 3, 2006
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What model bow are u shooting? is it a single cam or double cam? What model rest r u using? What’s your draw weight u r pulling on the bow? How many yards r u shooting out to for your arrow tuning ? What brand of arrow shafts u shooting with? R they standard 3 fletch shafts?
The whole hype with manufacturers stating broadheads always hitting the same spot as field points really depends on your bow set up and tuning. it could be your rest launch position and if it’s a drop away style the way the arrows fly off the rest after the shot can be effected by the rest timing. It could b cam and string alignment effecting the shot.
it could b your arrow fletching hitting the rest and throwing off the shot.
if you have any kind of string creeping where u are not anchoring back in position consistently that will throw off the shot too. What kind of release r u using, incorrect release trigger pull will throw off the shot. Is your string loop set up correctly too?
I have montec G5,s but I dont use them anymore, they were ok but I believe they were a little inconsistent on hitting the mark the same as field points for my set up.
I have grim reapers too and I found them to really be consistent in hitting the same as field points but I wanted to go back to shooting fixed blade broadheads so I keep the reapers for turkey hunting now.
I have rage broadheads too they flew great but was tired of the band set up to hold the blades in and like I said I went back to shooting a fixed blade.
Now I shoot Nap blackout Hellraiser fixed blades they look almost like montecs and they shoot great with my bow set up now and r very consistent as my field points.
I know at $30. pop for a 3 pk of broad heads it can get very costly to try out different broad heads and usually u want at least 6 heads on your hunting shafts in your quiver. But if u answer some of the questions I asked u in this post we might be able to pin point the problem. i know it can b frustrating when u have your bow shooting great and u change one element and it throws everything off but that’s part of the challenge shooting a compound bow is keeping it constantly tuned and shooting straight. Hope this gives u some food for thought in trying to solve your issue........tra?


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Sep 21, 2001
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he may just be tring to figure out all the info you gave him or you may have scared him off..


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