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Should Have Been 40 Today


Forever Hunting
Sean (etc2na) should have turned 40 today. I know some of you are tired of me posting about him, but on days like this I just need to get it out a little. I'm still so angry about how he died.

God rest you son. You were and always will be my hero.

Love you, Dad


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Tired heck no Muley, happy bday to our brave hero. It's always best to let it out, specially here with JHO family.


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Muley, some of us like seeing you post about your son; it reminds us of the sacrifices made, so we can live in relative comfort. Keep um coming.


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Very appropriate so close after Veterans Day. Come down to my fire pit; we'll toast ETC2NA any time you're ready. Happy Birthday, Sean.


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Never tired about reading anything about Sean. I just lit my family BBQ and will toast to his memory right now


You need your time to grieve Muley, we'll be here for you for as long as you need. Happy Birthday Sean, and as always you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.


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I don't think any body gets tired of hearing about your love for your son. God rest his soul. Happy birthday Sean!!!!


It took 20 years for me to deal with the loss of my father. I have heard that losing a son or daughter is even harder.

It just takes time.


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I can't explain why but even though I have only met a few of you, opening up to JHO members about life changing events has helped me to get through more than once. This is truly one of the more positive traits of this site. I believe it is a form of therapy, I can't tell you how many times I felt alone and was lifted up by the positive comments, compassion and insight from members here. Happy Birthday to Sean and as always you will forever be in my thoughts and prayers Muley, never get tired of hearing about your wonderful son, God bless.

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:patiotic-wavin-flag :patiotic-wavin-flag Happy belated birthday to a hero. Thank you for giving all so that we can live in the best country in the world. God be with us all and may he always give peace to those who have lost so much. :patiotic-wavin-flag :patiotic-wavin-flag


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Good one KTKT70! Way to keep the memory of Sean alive. True heroes are few and far between, many in our nation have forgotten the true definition of "Hero". Thoughts are with you this week MULEY51.

Where's Bruce?

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It's not something you ever get over...and if you did it would mean something was wrong with you. Parents should not outlive their kid. Especially when you know the cause was negligence and avoidable. No apologies necessary...I think we all grieve with you. Our military families represent the best of us as a nation. I pray you will feel God's hand on your shoulder.

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