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Should Have Been 40 Today

It's not something you ever get over...and if you did it would mean something was wrong with you. Parents should not outlive their kid. Especially when you know the cause was negligence and avoidable. No apologies necessary...I think we all grieve with you. Our military families represent the best of us as a nation. I pray you will feel God's hand on your shoulder.

Bruce was able to put my thoughts into words. God bless you.
After reading your original post I read some of your son's last posts. It filled me with admiration of Sean along with sadness for the people he touched in his life.
Thank you for posting Sean's birthday.


Can't even begin to imagine what thats like. My prayers and heart go out to you friend. Peace be to you and your son.


Happy belated birthday. We have not forgot you. Thank you for all you gave us. The USA is great because of great service members.
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Just happened to be scrolling by and noticed people had commented recently. I'm blessed to know that Dad impacted so many people and there are still those thinking about him. Thank you guys for your kind words about him. He truly was an amazing man.
Thank you guys for your kind words about him. He truly was an amazing man.

I lost my dad over thirty-five years ago, but still miss him. Yet I feel very fortunate to have had him for a father. I imagine you are the same. We have been blessed bradyldrocks, even though our fathers were taken far too early.

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