Sitka Adds Hunting Specific Packs to It's Line of Performance Gear


Mar 11, 2001
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Sitka Adds Hunting Specific Packs to It's Line of Performance Gear


NAPA, California - Sitka's new offering of hunting specific packs continues its mission to provide the highest performing gear possible. These packs are made with the best possible designs, materials, and craftsmanship available in the hunting market.


The Sitka 14 Ascent pack was designed to be the perfect pack for your day hunting excursions. The Ascent pack rides perfectly and carry's just the right amount of gear at a volume of 1400 cubic inches. The fabric contains a waterproof membrane and the frame is adjustable to sit in the sweet spot of your back..

This 3/4 pack is for your day hunting needs. The pack is designed to ride lower on your back than a traditional daypack. This design accomplishes key things: your upper torso is remarkably free to shoot and you have the ability to duck under low hanging branches and other obstructions without having to remove the pack. This design also takes advantage of the lower center of gravity allowing the wearer to have the weight ride on the waist strap and not the shoulders. This results in less fatigue and more comfort. It gives the hunter the ability to cover more ground and increase the chances of a successful harvest.

· Low profile design

· Easy access internal pocket system

· Side pouches for calls, range finders, GPS, snacks, etc.

· Horseshoe shoulder system for comfort

· Adjustable frame stays keep loads close to your back for balance

· Waterproof membrane

Volume: 1400 Cubic Inches
Weight: 34 oz.
Size: One size fits most
Colors: Mothwing Mountain Mimicry
MSRP $169


After countless hours in the field the founders of Sitka have designed what they feel is the ultimate multi day hunting pack. The Sitka 45 Bivy Pack is designed for those times you need to carry the kitchen sink. A sleek outer is loaded with features and a roomy interior holds 4500 cubic inches of the essentials for multiday excursions.

The semi-rigid mesh back provides ventilation so first day loads into the bush don't drench your back. Once camp is setup, the upper portion of the pack detaches reducing capacity by 600 cubic inches. Combined with the low profile design, this makes a nimble package for daily excursions. Just some of the thoughtful features include a sleeve for your spotting scope, tripod and rifle holders and a meat/oversize load system for hauling out those quarters. The outer material contains a waterproof membrane to keep your essentials dry and an internal pocket system keeps you organized.

· Low profile design

· Perfectly placed waist strap to distribute the load

· Ventilated back suspension controls perspiration

· Internal pocket system

· Protective spotting scope sleeve

· Tripod and rifle holders

· Meat/oversize load system

· Quick detach upper lid decreases size by 600 cubic inches

· Waterproof membrane to keep your gear dry

Volume: 4500 cubic inches
Weight: 72 oz.
Sizes: Regular and Tall
Colors: Mothwing Mountain Mimicry
MSRP $349

About Sitka:
Established in 2005, Sitka has quickly become known for its commitment to using the best technology, fabrics, designs, construction and partners to produce the best products available in the hunting market. Sitka Gear excels in the worst of conditions and is built to last. Sitka: Turning clothing into gear. 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way Suite F, Napa, CA 94558. Phone # (877) SITKA-MG or 877- 748-5264.

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