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Skunked... so far


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The second half of the season went about the same as the first half. Hunted a bunch and saw a good amount of deer, all does except for one spike. I like to remind myself how much hunting is enjoyed and it is (saw some cool things in the stand and at camp) but really wanted to harvest another buck with the bow this year so I'm planning a trip back to the midwest for a whitetail hunt. The plan is to drive back and spend something close to two weeks hunting the pre rut and into the rut.
I've hunted quit a bit back there but this will be the first time hunting the rut with a bow. To say I'm excited is an understatement and hopefully the cooler will come back loaded with venison.


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Thnx 4 the update Bankrunner! As we always say a day in the field is bettter then a day at work anytime. good luck on your next outing!....tra

P.s. whitetail rut with a bow was awesome back east when I lived on our farm in mid October when it is usually in full rut mode, I think the best time of day for a real mature trophy whitetail buck is around sunrise legal shooting light because they r usually chasing does through the night and want to be back in cover before late morning, u want to catch those off gaurd doe eyed stragler bucks when they r wore out and oblivious to any thing around them especially a well concealed bow hunter sprayed down heavy with scent killer, then let that arrow fly for success!...tra
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Thanks tra,
Our rut back there is later, not by much more than a few weeks though.
It's good cause it still makes most of the general season here in CA available to hunt. May miss a late season storm but hopefully my CA tag will be filled before that.
Iv'e also got good reason to keep shooting the bow, which is nice!

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